Jul 4, 2020

Modern Uptown Charlotte Tiny Wedding

Rebecca and Jay’s wedding in Uptown Charlotte was one of the most beautiful, laid-back weddings I have ever been a part of. They were both so full of love and surrounded by all of their closest loved ones.

Their wedding was at the McColl Center in Uptown Charlotte which is a renovated old church that partially burned down a number of years ago. Most of the old brick remained and is now exposed to create a beautiful interior space mixed with old and new. On a day-to-day the McColl Center is a modern art gallery.

Rebecca left a lot of the planning up to her event planner, Chelsey with Charlotte Fete but the one thing she definitely wanted was a round table big enough for all of her friends to break bread together. Luckily Chelsey was able to make that happen for her. Wishing Rebecca and Jay many years of happiness!

until next time,